How to Eliminate Cellulite Naturally at Home

Wednesday, November 12th 2014. | Uncategorized

Cellulite is not life threatening, but it is a problem, which both overweight and thin women complain about. Methods of how to eliminate cellulite naturally are abundant on every beauty website and book, but coffee is one of the ingredients that are constantly mentioned to fight cellulite. Cellulite is actually an uneven layer of fat under your skin and fibrous tissue, and how to eliminate cellulite naturally including reducing it by using caffeine-laden ingredient such as coffee.

How to Eliminate Cellulite Naturally at Home

If you want to know how to eliminate cellulite naturally at home, you can make simple coffee scrub. The ingredients are easy to get, and you can make it for several times of using. Here is how to make it:

  • Prepare ┬╝ cup of coffee grounds, preferably from fresh coffee beans (although you can also use cheaper, readily made coffee powder).
  • Prepare 1/3 cup of brown sugar for the mixing.
  • Melt 2-3 tablespoons of refined coconut oil. You must use refined oil to avoid it getting hardened in the jar.
  • Mix all the ingredients until you get a paste that still feels a bit rough from the coffee ground. Wait until cool and store it in a tightly closed jar, preferably from glass.

Now you have the coffee scrub, and here is how to eliminate cellulite naturally at home: clean the areas that you think have the worst cellulite problem (you can wash your body first). Apply the scrub generously and start the massaging by using circular motions, giving a firm pressure especially on the most problematic spots. Spend several minutes doing it, before finally washing your entire body with soap like usual. Use the scrub 2 or 3 times a week depend on your need.

Coffee scrub will not permanently eliminate cellulite, but this method of how to eliminate cellulite naturally will make your problematic skin looks smoother and better. In addition, the caffeine in the coffee ground and its rough consistency will make your skin exfoliated, clean and brighter.

Coffee Products to Eliminate Cellulite

How to eliminate cellulite naturally with coffee is not limited to homemade coffee scrubs. There are now many products made of coffee made specially to solve cellulite problem, and you can get it easily at many stores, including online. Homemade coffee scrubs with natural fragrance are also big hits online, and even if you do not have cellulite, these coffee products will clean and brighten your skin, leaving it moisturized and cleaner. Try coffee now for method of how to eliminate cellulite naturally and get cleaner, brighter skin as the result.

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