How Do You Get Cellulite – Causes and Symptoms

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How Do You Get Cellulite? Research shows that most women (around 90%) have possibilities to be affected by cellulite, and few men have it (well, maybe some with exceptional conditions, like steroid treatment). Actually, much more studies have been done to answer the question “How do you get cellulite?” Women are more vulnerable to cellulite than men are. It is because men have thicker skin so that it will be easier to hide the cellulite. In this case, women should be aware that they can easily be exposed to cellulite, and remember, it does not easy to get rid of.

Since cellulite does not occur just in a week, we are supposed to be aware long time before it occurs and try to prevent it. But how do you get cellulite in your body? Women after giving birth and overweight people are the most possible victim of cellulite. To be able to prevent the emergence of cellulite, you need to understand what causes it and what the symptoms are.

What is Cellulite?

Understanding what cellulite is will help you answer the question “How do you get cellulite in your body?” It is simple. Cellulite is simply just a deposit of fat underneath your skin. It occurs against connective tissue and causes skin to look ugly, uneven, and generates dimples on the surface. Although cellulite is not harmful and does not have serious medical condition, it can disturb your self-confidence and make you feel uncomfortable. Mostly, cellulite occurs on the thighs, buttocks, tummy, or hips.

What Causes Cellulite?

How do you get cellulite? Well, several things are responsible for cellulite development. As explained above, it is caused by fat deposit beneath the skin. It occurs on not only overweight people, but also the thin one; it depends on the fat, not the weight. The most common cause is hormonal factor, which plays important role in the production of cellulite. Poor diet is also one of the major causes for cellulite development.

How do you get cellulite from dieting habit? People who consume more fat, carbohydrates, and salt are most likely to be exposed to cellulite. Watching your diet, consuming more fiber, balancing the nutrition content will help you prevent cellulite emergence.

What are the Symptoms of cellulite?

Although there are no clinical symptoms of cellulite, in mild case, you can see cellulite when you pinch your skin; a dimple will occur. Actually, when a cellulite occurs, there is a change in the cells anatomy beneath your skin. In more severe cases, cellulite causes skin to look rumple, rough, and bumpy with dimples and results in uneven skin surface.

So, how do you get cellulite? It is all about lifestyle. See your dermatologist to get immediate treatment to eliminate the cellulite.

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